Fund rising

Hey friends, we have big news!

In 2020 we will be launching our School Fundraising Program.

The program will be a fantastic way to:
a) connect families with healthy organic produce.
b) raise money for schools.
c) create a hands-on learning experience for students.


School Fundraising Program – Information Sheet [PDF]

2020 Delivery Schedule [PDF]

Expression of Interest Form [online form]


You’ll need to get at least 15 people in the school community to subscribe to a veggie box, and each Wednesday afternoon during the school term we’ll deliver the veggie boxes to your school for people to pick up and take home.

Your school will receive $5 from every veggie box sold each week, so the more people you get to subscribe, the more money you’ll raise.

For example, if your school gets 50 people to sign up for a weekly box, that equates to: 50 boxes x 40 school term weeks x $5 = $10,000!


Each week, the veggie box will come with a different fact sheet and recipe card. This gives students the chance to learn about different vegetables and fruits that are in season, and ideas for how to prepare and cook them in the kitchen.

Also, as an organic farmer myself, as part of the program each school is welcome to have me there as a guest speaker to chat to the students about organic farming, growing food sustainably and healthy eating. I’d love to be able to answer any questions they may have!


If your school wants to go ahead or just wants more information, please fill in the Expression of Interest Form and we’ll be in touch to get the ball rolling.


How much do the veggie boxes cost?
We have three sizes available – small is $49, medium is $64 and large is $79. This is the cost of the box each week, which is a bargain as everything is super fresh, certified organic, and delivered straight to you.

How do people pay?
Each subscriber at the school will have to sign-up with their airtel money to 075. We process the payments every Wednesday, for delivery the following Wednesday.

What if my children don’t like / can’t eat certain vegetables?
No worries! We can exclude any veggies you don’t want and we’ll top you up with other veggies instead.

What happens during school holidays?
We only deliver to the school during the school term. You can sign up separately for home delivery during school holiday periods through our regular delivery service, which delivers on a Saturday morning.

Can I cancel after I’ve signed up?
Yes, you can cancel at any time. You can also change your box size to better suit your needs if you find you want more veggies, or if you can’t get through your veggies each week (we hate to see veggies go to waste!)

Why do we need at least 15 subscribers?
The only reason this program is viable for us is because it’s quicker and cheaper for us to deliver a whole bunch of boxes to one location, and we’re passing that saving on to the school.

What if we can’t get the minimum 15 sign-ups to get started?
If you’re a smaller school and are just falling short, please speak to us to see if we can work something out. If we’re delivering to other schools nearby we might be able to make it work!

Is there a deadline to register?
There is no deadline, you can get started at any time. But the earlier you get started, the more funds you can raise for your school! This program will be starting in 2020, you can view the calendar of delivery dates here.

When does the school receive the funds it has raised?
At the end of each school term we will transfer the funds raised from the boxes delivered that term.