What kind of add-ons do you offer?

Currently you have the choice to add organic eggs, garlic, ginger, olive oil or honey to your order.

Our add-ons are really popular and make life a lot easier for people, so we’re now working on expanding this list. We’re looking into things like freshly baked sourdough bread, locally roasted coffee, a range of organic and ethically produced meat, and locally produced organic wines and ciders. We’ll keep you posted!

Do I have to get a box every single week?

Not at all! We’re big believers in reducing food waste, so you can choose your delivery schedule to suit your needs (for example, every 2 or 3 weeks). You can also choose to skip weeks when you need to.

When you first subscribe, the default setting will sign you up to a weekly box. You just need to log into your customer portal and change your subscription to suit your needs. And if at any time you decide to cancel, you can do that too.

What happens if I need to change or cancel my subscription?

We totally understand that people’s circumstances change in life, so you can easily change or cancel your subscription at any time. Our system processes payments on a Wednesday evening for deliveries on the upcoming Saturday, so just make sure you let us know before then.

You can edit your subscription via the customer portal on the website. If you’re having any issues, just get in touch with us at info@agroshe.com

Can I have delivery on different days of the week?

At the moment we’re only delivering on a Saturday morning, however we’re looking at other options to get veggie boxes to people during the week. Watch this space!

What happens if I am not home for the delivery?

If you’re not home we can leave your veggie box at your door. When you subscribe you can also leave delivery instructions if there is a particular place you’d like us to leave your box.

Can I customise my box?

Yes, to a degree! When you set up your subscription, you can indicate which organic produce you do not want (if there’s things you don’t like or can’t eat) and we will top it up with the other produce.

Unfortunately you can’t request particular fruits or veggies, though. We fill our organic boxes based on what is available and in season locally each week. We do this to guarantee freshness, minimise the impact on the environment, and to keep the price down for you!

Why eat seasonal?

The most obvious reason is that organic vegetables and fruits that have been allowed to fully ripen in the sun tastes great.

Seasonally fresh produce is picked when ripe and fully developed. Seasonal produce can also grow without too much added human assistance including the use of herbicides and pesticides.

It’s more likely to be locally produced as well, which helps us to minimise the travel required to get it from the farm to you.

Finally, we think it allows our customers to feel more connected to the growing process and challenges you to come up with new, fun and tasty dishes based on what you find in your weekly box.

Is your produce Certified Organic?

Yep, all of the produce in our boxes is Certified Organic.