How it works


Every Friday, our very own farmer Sarah goes out to hand pick the best organic vegetables and fruits in season from other producers in the region.

We always aim to get a good balance of staples like matokee onions, roasting veggies, leafy greens and salad veggies, as well as the best fruit in season.

We pack the boxes the same day, ready for delivery first thing Saturday morning. This is why ours are the freshest organic veggie boxes you’ll find in Kampala!

Once you have subscribed, you can easily change the frequency of your order (weekly, fortnightly, etc), and you can skip a week if you need. And of course, we totally understand that your circumstances might change, which is why you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

And if there are particular veggies you don’t like or can’t eat, no worries! Just let us know when you sign up and we’ll exclude those things and replace with other veggies.

Choose your food

Our interface allows quick placing of orders with few clicks. Choose between our Groceries, Recipes and Value Boxes using the links at the top. You can also search for your preferred item in the search box at the top. Use the drop-down menus and filters on the left as convenient and customize to your heart’s content! We understand a customer’s need to have all the time in the world to review and make changes to the order. Navigating our website is a breeze, and we have options to swap and customize the order items. Hover on the information icon (‘i’) on the top-right corner of the item to see its details. Add to cart, select the quantity and proceed to checkout. Or keep shopping!


Tell us where to deliver

We deliver to the customer’s preferred location in Uganda. Be it at workplace, home or anywhere else, we have got it covered! So our customers can relax, lie back and wait for us to deliver it to their doorstep with a smile, in a jiffy! Proceed to checkout by entering your name and a contact number on the next screen. Enter the delivery address and proceed.

Schedule your delivery

We also let customers choose specific dates of delivery. Choose to skip any particular delivery as you like. Want to change delivery frequency? No problem! Or schedule a specific set of deliveries around a schedule or vacations. Your choice! Set your delivery preferences in our delivery scheduler.

Dig in and Enjoy!

We bring the best mix of seasonal produce, fresh from the farmer’s table, right to the customer’s door. Select payment option on the final screen and make payment. Receive fresh, beautiful and quality produce; along-with delicious recipes and quick tips!